Joseph Salt

A heavy-set man with a strong nose.


Alignment: Law

Class: Fighter

Level: 1 EXP: 0/2035
STR: 16 +2, +10% XP
INT: 8 partial ability to write

WIS: 11

DEX: 11

CON: 15 +1
CHA: 11 0/4/7

HP: 9 (rolled)

AC: 8

Poison: 12 
Magic: 13 
Paralysis: 14
 Dragon Breath: 15
 Spells: 16

• Long Sword
• Backpack
• 1 Waterskin
• 1 weeks of Rations
• 4 Torches
• Flint and Steel
• 25ft Standard Rope
• Money pouch, small (can be attached to belt)
• Leather armor
• Soft boots
• Gloves
• Summer Clothing
• 15 SP

Language: Common


Rival: The Captain of the Guard used to be a friend of Joseph’s when they were both young. Something went awry in a childhood game of orcs and rangers, and the captain has had a chip on his shoulder ever since. Figuring out that Danya was only friendly to the Captain as a means of advancing Joseph’s career has not helped.

Ally: Danya Salt is Joseph’s sister and the apple of their father’s eye. Using her looks and charm, she has always tried to help Joseph advance his career with people in the guard and the town council.

Contact: Pelgrin Whit is a gnome scholar that used to tell Joseph funny stories when he was young. Pelgrin is often used as a scribe by those who are unable to pass written messages on their own.

The Salt family is fairly well-to-do, but Joseph has sacrificed his position in society by learning the fighting arts. He started training with sticks at a young age, and eventually received formal training thanks to some intercession by his older sister. He has worked hard and is ready to make his own name, independent of his sister’s help.

Joseph Salt

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