Gwendolina Whitebrow

Inquisitive Human Conjurer of Magic & Mediumship


Level 1
(253 pts towards Level 2)


STR 11
INT 17 (2 addt’l languages)
DEX 14 (plus 1 missiles, minus 1 AC)
CON 16 (plus 2 HP)
CHA 12

HP 3 (5 with Constitution bonus)
AC 9 (8 with Dexterity bonus)

Death Ray/Poison: 13
Magic Wands: 14
Paralysis/Petrification: 13
Dragon Breath: 16
Rods/Staves/Spells: 15


What are my choices?

Cloth Armor
Soft boots
Soft gloves
Violet Robe with celestial symbols
Crimson cloak

Misc Equipment
1 Waterskin
1 week of Rations
4 Torches
Flint and Steel
25ft Standard Rope
Money pouch, small
Spell book

Known Spells
Read Magic

Memorized Spells



5’10, lean and willowy, for a human. Long, wavy prematurely gray hair. Ever-searching violet eyes. Serene countenance.

A female infant left upon the doorstep of a witchwoman, Dithrela, who doted on the child and quickly saw that she was unusually curious and sensitive to the ways of magic and thus taught her all that she knew. As Gwendolina grew, she surpassed Dithrela in knowledge and power, by mastering the art of scribing her own spells. Eventually, Dithrela urged her to seek her fortune in the world and so she did.

Dithrela, the old crone that trained Gwendolina in the ways of magic and sorcery. No one knows if she is living or dead.

The crone had a servant named Mimeron, who had attempted many times to acquire the power of magic, but did not have the talent for it. She resented the ease with which Gwendolina absorbed Dithrela’s teachings and never missed a chance to pull her hair or trip her when no one was looking. When Dithrela finally urged Gwendolina to seek her fortune in the outside world, Mimeron asked to go too, but was told she had to stay with the crone to care for her into old age. Mimeron was furious and vowed to seek revenge upon Gwendolina, should she ever have the chance to do so.

Local Contact
Dithrela had a sister called Nardella, who was also a maker of magic. Nardella made her living by touring with a travelling carnival of oddities as a fortune teller. When Gwendolina left, Dithrela pressed a locket into her hand and told her that should she ever be in need of aid, to seek out Nardella and to show her the locket and she would aid Gwendolina in any way she could.

Gwendolina Whitebrow

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