Danny "the Cat"

Likely to stand and smile at you. While picking your pockets


STR: 13 +1
INT: 11
WIS: 7
DEX: 15 +1
CON: 13 +1
CHA: 14 +1

HP 7
AC 7

XP Level 1
Experience Points: 232 (DEX 15 give +5% XP bonus, I believe?)

15 silver
1 Waterskin
1 weeks of Rations
4 Torches
Flint and Steel
25ft Standard Rope
Money pouch, small (can be attached to belt)
Leather armor
Soft boots
Soft Gloves
Summer or Winter Clothing
Thieves Tools

Death Ray or Poison: 13
Magic Wands: 14
Paralysis or Turn to Stone: 13
Dragon Breath: 16
Rods, Staves or Spells: 15

Thieves Skills:
Open Locks (d%) 15
Find Traps (d%) 10
Remove Traps (d%) 10
Climb Walls (d%) 87
Move Silently (d%) 20
Hide in Shadows (d%) 10
Pick Pockets (d%) 20
Hear Noise (1d6) 1-2


Danny got nicknamed “Cat” when he was very young by his friends would try to hit him with thrown objects and he would always dodge them. He’s kept his agility as he’s grown into a young adult, and he’s also a fair shot with the bow. His main ambition is to earn money so he can buy himself several nice suits, he would love to have at least one suit for every day of the month.

Ally: Dave, his best friend as a youngster, who always was the one to set up the dodgin game.

Rival: Arnold, a jumped up good for nothing failure of a man, full of bitterness and always blaming Dave and Cat for his own mistakes and failures.

Contact: Robert, a friendly old guy that always had a word of advice from before

Danny "the Cat"

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