Broham Ironbottom



Character Name: Broham Ironfist
Race: Dwarf Class: Dwarf Hit Points: 8 A/C: 8

STR: 17
INT: 13
DEX: 13
WIS: 12
CON: 16
CHR: 15

Languages: Dwarf, Common,

Battle Axe

Leather Armor- Soft Boots-Soft Gloves- Summer Clothing

Backpack, water skin, 1 weeks rations, 4 torches, flint & steel, 25ft standard rope, small money pouch attached to belt,

Poison: 8
Magic: 9
Paralysis: 10
Dragon Breath: 13
Spells: 12

Contact: Ed Ironfist is in charge of shipping the family ale. He and Broham are cousins.

Ally: Broham’s big brother is Ivan, also known as Crazy Ivan to his friends. He runs the family tavern called The Falling Orange Griffin. Whenever one needs to escape the daily grind all one needs to do is run to the F.O.G.

Rival: Gothar the Slayer is a goblin king that has been raiding shipments of his families’ ale, and has been trying to steal the secret formula.


Broham wanted to see the world and experience life and adventure. So he set off with his family’s blessing to adventure.

Broham Ironbottom

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