House Rules


The Following house rules will apply in (and out) of game, and if noted here will override what is listed in the rulebooks. Rules will be modified and/or changed as the game progresses. Playing the game, is your consent to follow the said rules below.

General Rules
  • The DM has final say, his rule is the law, don’t like it? Don’t play. Do not argue. Wait until after game.
  • At times “Rulings” will be made to move the story along, and a simple d6 roll by the DM shall determine how to move forward if needed.
  • Cheating of any sort is not tolerated, any player caught changing their character sheet will be warned, a second time will be removed from the group.
  • All sessions will be recorded, so please refrain from cursing. We all slip up, just try not to make a habit of it.
  • Players are responsible for maintaining and updating their character on this website.
  • Journaling of experiences is not required, but is helpful and players will be awarded extra character experience for doing so.
  • Leveling in this game will be slow, so don’t expect to power game and jump up levels.
  • Please refrain from playing characters that are not the same gender as you, and while flamboyant are allowed and encouraged, please do not play characters of mixed orientation, or attracted to same gender. This is to ensure everyone in the game is comfortable, and no one is offended. While there is no issues with this in real life, this is a game, and not everyone is comfortable dealing with it.
Books used
Character Creation

All players will roll 4d6 and drop the lowest, arrange how you’d like.
All Characters will start with 15 Silver
All Characters will be aligned “Law” and those that want to play Neutral cannot have evil tendencies.
No stat can go over 18, or go under 7 when rolling up characters, any player that rolls a stat that is under 5, will be placed at a 7 automatically.
All characters will have brief background, 4 sentences long.
All characters will use the ARC (Ally, Rival and contact) system, with a brief sentence describing each. (Ally, Rival and contact)

All Characters will have the following starting package:

  • Weapon of choice
  • Backpack
  • 1 Waterskin
  • 1 weeks of Rations
  • 4 Torches
  • Flint and Steel
  • 25ft Standard Rope
  • Money pouch, small (can be attached to belt)
  • Leather or cloth armor
  • Soft boots
  • Soft Gloves (if desired)
  • Summer or Winter Clothing
  • Magic-User’s will have a small traveling spell book
  • Cleric’s will have their Deities holy symbol
Combat/Game Adjustments
  • A natural 20 on a die roll will results in double damage, unless a repeating 20 or higher is required to hit. A player may take a chance and roll the D20 again and if a 19 or 20 are rolled, he will get 2.5 times the damage. If another natural 20 is rolled, damage is increased to 3 times. Another roll is required and if the player rolls a natural 20, it becomes instant death for his foe.
  • A natural 1 will result in an auto-miss and 50% chance to drop/break weapon, or hit party member. If no party member is next to character, weapon is dropped.
  • Skill checks will be based on the stat and players will normally roll 4d6, add it up, trying to get below their stat. The difficult or easy of the situation will add or minus a d6.
  • If a situation comes up that needs resolving, a d6 will be rolled by a player and the DM will secretly pick a number, the player must roll that number or higher. Due to certain situations, this number will not be revealed as more than one player may want to try for it.
Death and Health
  • All characters will be disabled at 0 HP and must be healed with in 1 hour, otherwise the character is considered dead.
  • If a character dies and the player decides not to continue with that character, a player may roll up a new character and he will be at the lowest level of the party range. Meaning, if the party is levels 3 to 6, the new character will start at level 3.

House Rules

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