HavenStone Kingdoms

Journal 1 John hope

Journal of John hope servant of Ilena
Day 1
The trip escorting our employer the fishmonger hs been pleasent enough. Although I have been talking a lot about the light of Ilena I have as of yet not made a new convert. I am convinced that with some more demonstration of the light of the lady I will be able to make this kind man come arround. My companions guarding him and myself really do make a strange mix of characters I must say.
Our scout Danny, calls himself the cat. A strange character, but I like him. He seems to be needing some light in his life. Maybe I can get a new convert? At the very least he woulf probably feel better after a small sacrifice to the church.
Broham my dwarven friend I like the most. He is a bit cuddely for a dwarf but that is not a problem. I like my hugs and he seems to be a nice source and reciever of one. What more can one ask of a new friend? Oh and he seems competent enough with an axe.
I don’t really know what to make of our elfen companion Thfirion. I know elves are long lived and take the long vieuw of things. How that translates into being late and sleeping for so long I can never understand. Maybe that is the secret of long life? Always having a good and long nights sleep? I will make a mental note.
Day 2
Poor, Joey. It pains me that we failed in our job to protect our charge. Unfortunately the rigours of combat do not always go the way of the rightious. Well partially at least. This group of brigands will not prowl the roads any longer. I must however keep my enthusiams in check. Stumbling on rocks must not become routine during encounters, that could be fatal. On the positive side I was able to cheer op Broham. He had been depressed that he had stumbled as well so he needed another hug.
One of the brigands escaped but we were able to capture one. We did a number on him however and it would be some time before the criminal would wake up. Time to bring back poor Joey and his cargo to its final destination. May Ilena have mercy on his good soul and find her warm light. I will pray for him and give a small offering at the next possible church. Oh, and Thfirion finally showed up. Honestly, that elf should really know not to sleep in by now.
Day 3
I write this while extremely tired but a lot has happened. We made through the night to avoid unneeded bandit attention. Attention found us sadly. In the distence we saw a cloud of smoke rising. Investigation was in order. Although our situation wasn’t the best, we were obligated to report. Thfirion Broham and I left danny to guard the cart and our prisoner. To bad he didn’t want to come with us. Maybe I should tell some of the stories Bishop Kapsalon told me? Thos inspired me at least.
We set down the forst trail towards the smoke. What we found made my blood boil. Bandits killing men and women, setting their houses on fire and taking their children. Unfortunately their were so many. We came up with a two part plan. We would use makeshift torches in the woods to simulate an armed force coming for them. In the meantime Thfirion and me would infiltrate and get one of the ‘men’ under charm.
We were able to charm some type of cleric. I now know for some evil god. Bastard. I will enjoy killing him when his use to the side of good is over. They were going to sacrifice the children, the children!
Our plan however had a little snag. Apparently our little cat had sneaked arround and drawn the attention of a group of bandits. Some quick acting with the evil cleric by thfirion made him convinced that an army was coming to get them. He quickly took a large group of the bandits with him, but unfortunately also the children. We are going to save them.
The last battle was brutal. Although we came out barely alive we killed most of the bandits, again some of them got away. Damn my clumsiness! The next hours are a blur. Broham got another hug and I was able to bandage the wounds of my companions, then came the buisness of the poor village. They were gratefull to us but also begged that we go and save the children. In the morning unfortunately. We were in no shape to fight them now.
Some of the men were willing to go with us in this quest. Armed with weapons purloined from the bandits they were at least somewhat armed. With their gear, we might even be able to use some subterfurge again. I also was able to procure a shield, some studded armor. It was from the bandit leader I had slayed. I feel slightly more comfortable in it. The shield I will give to Broham. I will wield my lantern in combat like a priest of Ilena should! At least when light is needed. I also found a strange ring. I will let Thfirion look at it as he seems more knowlegable about these parts.
We will look for the bandits. We will find them and we will put them to justice. Those poor children. These poor people. After this quest is over I will ask that we stay in the village for a couple of days. These people will need a kind word. I must find Broham before I go to sleep. I could use a hug myself.



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